10 December 2011

Android 4.0 Official Ice Cream Sandwich Version for Nexus S Coming soon


Google’s Hugo Barra confirmed that the new version of Android will be delivered as a free upgrade to the existing Nexus S handset “within weeks”. He said the search giant was aiming to get the software to owners of the previous flagship phone shortly after the release of the new Galaxy Nexus handset next month, well in time for Christmas.”
But sadly the old Google Nexus One seems not getting the update as Barra said the hardware was simply too old to run the new operating system. Well this is embarrasing, but Google Nexus One owners don’t worry much, there is lot of genius developer out there and we are pretty sure they will make a minimal version of ICS for Nexus One.
Also an answer has been given to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s comments on Android who’d said “people needed a computer science degree to use Android” as Barra answered: “Android, especially this new version 4.0, is an incredibly intuitive platform – the best one we’ve ever built. There are power user features, but there is no need for an instruction manual or a computer science degree”.
Nexus S owners, get ready for Ice Cream Sandwich magic and in the mean time checkout the changes coming in Google’s latest Android operating system. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter,Google Plus to get update on latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. source.